Comparing dairy free milks

There are so many milk alternatives available now - what are they, and which ones are best for your health?

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FREE So Good Cookbook with over 30 delicious healthy recipes

Sanitarium So Good are offering for a limited time a FREE downloadable cookbook with over 30 delicious recipes and images to inspire you.

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Living a life of passion and purpose

Are you getting enough time to do the things that you love and that nurture your soul. If not, look for ways you can make small changes to reintroduce this into your daily routine.

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How to build on your talents

Understanding what your talents are helps determine where to put your focus and emotional energy, and can help you to live a life of purpose by using your natural strengths. Here’s four ways you can take your talents to the next level..

category: Heart-Spirit

Feeling good – keys to emotional health

How stress can affect us and what we can do to reduce it

category: Mind

Breakfast – kickstart your day!

Starting your day with a healthy breakfast is one of the best ways to set yourself up for good, all-round health.

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