Living a life of passion and purpose

When we talk about what we’re passionate about – really passionate about – it’s like we’ve unlocked something deep inside of us. There’s a spark there – an inner enthusiasm we’ve tapped into.

Finding your spark

Passion is an important element in identifying your ikigai – the Japanese concept of purposeful living.

Passion is a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about something you feel very strongly about. It’s energising, and can be a powerful force for kickstarting your ideas and ambitions.

So… what makes your eyes light up? What subject could you talk about for hours? What do you get animated about when you’re explaining it to other people? Whatever it is, it’s likely to be something you’re truly passionate about.

Passion is personal

We’re all different: each of us is an individual, with a unique blend of interests that engages our mind, heart and soul. Your passions are a combination of what interests you and what excites you.

Genuine passion shines brightly and can be an incredible force for positivity and change. People gravitate to passion, which makes it a powerful leadership trait. If you’re passionate about something you feel strongly about, your enthusiasm will likely be contagious!

Pinpoint your passion

What you’re passionate about will determine where you invest your time and your energy. If you understand what matters to you, that can help you in making clearer decisions about relationships, career and personal goals.

Your passion may be something that’s part of your traditional job – it may even be the reason you chose that particular area or field in the first place. Or it may be something completely unrelated to the work that you do. Whatever it is, whenever you’re following your passion, you will feel a strong sense of personal fulfilment.

The source of your passion

Through the years, the things you’re interested in may change. Lots of children may be passionate about dinosaurs – that doesn’t mean that every one of these children will choose to become a paleontologist when they grow up! However, this fascination with dinosaurs may stem from an underlying passion for science, or learning, or wonder about the world we live in – which is likely to be a passion that will continue for the rest of their life, and as they grow and develop they will find new ways to explore and express this.

Living life in alignment


Life can get busy, and sometimes it may feel like we’re so caught up in “busy-ness” that we have no time to pursue the things we truly love. Reflect on what you’re most passionate about – and then take a look at where you’re spending your time.

Are you getting enough time to do the things that you love and that nurture your soul?

If not, look for ways you can make small changes to re-introduce this into your daily routine. If you love reading, but feel like you never have time to pick up a book anymore, think about how you might be able to incorporate your passion for books back into your life – maybe it’s an audiobook that you listen to whenever you’re in the car, or a podcast that you listen to while you’re out for a walk.


Whatever it is, think laterally about how you can fill your life with whatever inspires and energises you. Focus your time and energy on what you’re truly passionate about – you’ll feel a stronger sense of personal fulfilment because your passions align with your purpose.